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Farah Rahman, OAA, AIA


A building will outlive all of us. My design seeks to create something that will leave a legacy that goes far beyond my life; and that have a lasting positive impact on the environment, its users, and the urban fabric. As architects, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to shape people’s lives — their communities, their cities, their neighborhoods. Our solutions need to belong, they need to be meaningful, they need to be deliberate and people have to understand it.

Farah Rahman brings 30 years of healthcare design solutions to clients in the U.S. and Canada, with expertise in wellness through design, population health management, salutogenesis, and public-private partnerships. As leader of our Toronto office, Farah ensures we remain active and vibrant in the local community and identifies opportunities to combine architecture and civic engagement to maximize community impact. A noted thought leader, she has spoken at ASHE’s PDC Summit and the World Health Congress, and authored articles for various publications on state-of-the art nursing units, aging in place, population health management, and continuous process improvement.