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Jim Gabel


When a university selects our team to help them create a new building or shape a new master plan, that’s an incredible commitment,” explains Jim. “It’s them reaching out and inviting us to be part of their team, part of their future… I love those intimate moments when teams are formed, and love doing work that leaves campuses stronger by numerous measures. I feel great joy experiencing built structures we've designed and knowing I played a role in something that will help students for generations.

Before you design a great solution, you need to unite a great team. That idea drives Jim’s design work and his passions: family and music (great bands sound better when they’re great teams).

For 25 years, Jim has been building and leading teams to create dynamic education spaces. He’s worked with colleges and universities across the country on sports, recreation and athletics venues, science and engineering buildings, and spaces where student life thrives. Driven by his focus on teams, Jim excels at facilitating workshops to engage key stakeholders and students, surface novel project ideas, build consensus and create spaces that nourish campus culture.