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Mahmoud Mehrabian, AIA


I have always been fascinated by the creative process and rational thinking that avoids preconceptions. I believe that exceptional architecture comes from the search for solutions which respond to the particular circumstances inherent in each situation. People and space create relationships and script a narrative while architecture, in turn, scripts their stories which become an underlying reference for the organization of form and space in the creation of a meaningful environment.

Mahmoud Mehrabian is a third generation architect and his appreciation for the profession is rooted in some of his earliest memories of his father building models at home. Now, Mahmoud is an accomplished, award-winning architect in his own right with international experience on a wide range of public and private sector facility types.

What drives him in his work is discovering and implementing the meaning of design into each of his projects. He understands that buildings and spaces have a significant impact on people. School design impacts learning and hospital design impacts healing — two building types on which Mahmoud has focused much of his career. He is skilled at challenging his team to find the human significance and meaning in what they create. He has served as an adjunct faculty member in the School of Architecture at Philadelphia University and is a frequent speaker at healthcare design symposiums.