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Marc Del Rosso

Marc Del Rosso, PE, LEED AP



Marc brings valuable previous experience as an at-risk general contractor to our design-led construction projects. He has the ability to ask the right questions of both designers and project team during early phases of design to inform the construction team on cost, quality and schedule — discussions that otherwise would not occur until much further along in a project. As our director of preconstruction services, Marc played a significant role in delivering the Allegheny Health Network’s Wexford Health & Wellness Pavilion — a model project for design-led construction, exemplifying teamwork, quality design and single-source delivery.

I am passionate about redirecting design and construction inefficiencies for the benefit of the project. Efforts consumed on the ‘low bid now – change order later’ approach of contractors, defensive detailing of design professionals, and time associated with ‘forced marriages’ of A/E/C prescribed in traditional delivery methods take their toll on projects. Under single-source, design-led construction, a highly collaborative team consolidates project efforts instead of antipathy among parties, facilitating architecturally significant designs and efficient construction delivery. When the efforts of a true team are focused on the owner’s project, the owner wins. When the owner wins, we win.

Marc Del Rosso, PE, LEED AP

Together, we create design solutions to the greatest challenges facing our clients and society.