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Chip Berry

Millard H. (Chip) Berry, PE, LEED AP



Chip Berry is a member of the firm’s Board of Directors and also the Buffalo Office Practice Leader. Berry has guided the firm’s engineering practice for decades, helping triple it in size in that time. Chip’s engineering approach stresses whole building integration and simple systems that respond to complex facility needs. He believes by thoroughly exploring a project’s unique characteristics, challenges and constraints, engineers can discover new ways to design high-performance buildings and infrastructure without impacting schedule or cost. Chip is an expert in the design of energy-responsive systems and climate-responsive, passive energy-efficiency strategies.

It’s a great time be an engineer. We are problem solvers and innovators, and take great pride in the buildings we design. At times it might seem like we are mired in details, schedules and budgets but, at the end of the day, we get to point to a building and say, we did that.

Millard H. (Chip) Berry, PE, LEED AP

Together, we create design solutions to the greatest challenges facing our clients and society.