Back to Our People

Patricia A. Winchester

Director of Client Engagement


I am passionate and committed to helping people be successful whether that is our clients, our team members or others. At the end of the day, everything we do comes back to the impact we have on people – whether that is how we are performing as a firm or if our clients are successful in improving health, educating their student bodies or driving winning results. My greatest reward is when I know I have had a positive impact on a person or an organization – I can’t get enough of that! Marketing and communication efforts provide me the vehicles to support that success.

Patti Winchester leads efforts to strengthen the firm’s commitment to our Vision, improve client engagement, create consistency in communications and promote brand awareness. She is a champion of client satisfaction and works closely with the CEO, firm leaders, and many internal partners to ensure the firm is collectively building long term, trusted relationships with their clients. With over 30 years’ experience leading marketing, communications, sales, and training organizations, Patti brings a breadth of diverse knowledge to CannonDesign.