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Paul M. Moskal, JD, CCEP, CCEP-I

Director of Compliance


I’m passionate about helping CannonDesigners navigate the complicated course of law and policy to arrive at decisions that reflect our honesty, integrity and accountability. Our firm's commitment to ethics and compliance separates us from others who make decisions solely on a business model.

As our Director of Compliance, Paul leads CannonDesign’s robust compliance program, which is designed to uphold the highest legal and ethical standards throughout our global network of offices. Paul is a highly accomplished attorney with 35+ years’ experience in multi-faceted investigative and intelligence operations management, including 29 years in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. With extensive knowledge in law enforcement legal counsel, media relations, teaching and community relations, he is an effective champion of ethics and core values for CannonDesign. He now focuses on risk management, corporate governance, ethics and compliance — leading the initiation and development of a robust industry-leading compliance program for the CannonDesign global network. Paul is certified by the Compliance Certification Board (CCB) as an ethics and compliance professional (CCEP and CCEP-I).