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Robert Martin

Robert Martin, OAQ, AAPPQ



Robert Martin is a dynamic leader in our Montreal office and in the architecture profession with more than 35 years of experience managing projects of all different scale and complexity to achieve successful outcomes for his clients. He is highly respected for his ability to lead teams that help clients navigate challenges, seize opportunities and delivery results within determined budgets, timelines and building programs. Robert is well-versed in project delivery models, including public-private partnerships and also brings special rigor to every design and technical aspect of each project.

Robert is capable of directing projects of all type – health, education, commercial, institutional – and recently served as the Design and Construction Production Team Director for the new McGill University Health Center, one of the largest medical institutions in Canada, before joining CannonDesign. Robert also speaks at national conferences about BIM, delivery models and design.

After 30 years in the architectural profession, I realize that all of my passion for being an architect is driven by a focus on creating designs that have a positive impact on people, community and society. I also believe firmly that such valuable design solutions are best achieved by working in teams to brainstorm, innovate and inspire each other.

Robert Martin, OAQ, AAPPQ