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Stephanie Vito, AIA


I truly enjoy the complexities and nuances that come along with designing safe spaces that will ultimately be used to help people in their time of need.

Stephanie Vito is dedicated to improving patients’ lives through design. Her tireless pursuit of excellence while designing for often-underserved populations of behavioral health clients is having a tremendous positive impact in the communities she serves. A respected partner in the design industry, Stephanie’s skills thrive in this complex and sensitive building typology. Stephanie is passionate about creating state-of-the-art facilities to improve outcomes, reduce the stigma around mental health environments, and bring a sense of dignity to clinicians, staff and patients in this field.

Stephanie’s accolades include the 2017 AIA Buffalo Young Architect Award and 2018 Healthcare Design Rising Star award. She is an associate professor in the architecture department at The University of Kansas and has presented at national and international conferences on mental and behavioral health design.