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Timothy Swanson, LEED AP



Tim Swanson is focused on leveraging design to elevate the human condition in remarkable ways. Having lived in Abu Dhabi, rural India and major American cities like New York and Chicago, Tim brings a unique, global perspective to his design work. He is passionately focused on keeping the needs of people and their communities at the forefront of all design efforts, and has delivered successful solutions for cities, universities, businesses and institutions that enrich their holistic environments. Tim is an advocate for smart growth and sustainable development, working with leaders at the intersection of urban planning, public health and education, identifying new ways design and strategy can positively influence socioeconomic conditions.

Designer, urban planner, innovator, teacher, leader, entrepreneur, Tim Swanson leads both CannonDesign’s Chicago office and its City Design Practice, a group focused on helping cities around the world grow and prosper. As the youngest person to ever lead a CannonDesign office, Tim guides 200+ architects, engineers, designers, planners and strategists with nonstop positive energy and passion. He encourages teams to pursue breakthrough design solutions that enrich health, education, community, science and more.

I believe we have a responsibility to place and the culture and people that make it distinct. As designers of communities and cities, we must broaden our collective understanding of place to identify the myriad influences that affect the everyday condition. From relationships between transportation, amenity, health, and the built form, we must harness innovation and thought leadership to improve the quality of place, and in turn, the quality of life for those who call it home.

Timothy Swanson, LEED AP