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Timothy Walser


Our work addresses the acute issues many of today’s cities face: The need for healthy, accessible and well-planned healthcare, education and workplace facilities. As leaders in the field, we should be proud of the role we play in making great communities, and we should continue to push one another and ourselves toward a truly equitable and resilient future.

A designer and emerging leader in CannonDesign’s Chicago office, Timothy’s work integrates his background in business and urban design to address the most pressing issues in today’s built environment. He advocates solutions that are economically empowering and community building, and with experience studying and working in Europe and Asia, employs a global approach in understanding the diversity of needs at a local level. Timothy is a member of CannonDesign’s NEXT Council, where he acts as a conduit between firm leadership and local offices, fostering a dialog that addresses development at all levels of CannonDesign.