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Troy Hoggard, AIA, EDAC

Design Leader, Healthcare


There is no social institution more essential and personal, yet more confusing and stressful, than healthcare. Designing spaces for healing, wellness and research is more meaningful than ever, as the boundaries of healthcare are dissolving into other arenas of design – retail, devices, interfaces, all aiming to make the experiences of being healthy more personal, meaningful and memorable.

Troy Hoggard, a recognized design leader within our health practice, is known for his unique ability to translate an organization’s culture into an architectural concept that excites and engages patients, staff and the community. Describing himself as a facilitator, Troy observes, collects and distills the conditions and values of a project into dense design motifs that the team can see themselves in. He uses these translative methods to articulate a vision for the project that aligns everyone with the goal of authorship. This creates a space for joy, meaning and memorable design.

He is committed to sustainability in healthcare – having designed one of the first hospitals in Illinois to achieve LEED Gold certification – and translates holistic environmental thinking into designs that generate positive healthcare experiences that support the tenets of wellness. In all of his work, Troy advocates for the public, the patient, the community, creating space for their voices to be heard and understood – to create what’s possible, and not just what’s obvious. A personal interest in theater set design has further informed his creative approach, using as few elements as possible to create a narrative tone. “The current popular notion that we design ‘experiences’ is much like Shakespeare’s “All the world’s a stage” philosophy,” says Troy.

Troy has earned multiple honors in his 25 years of industry experience, including the AIA Healthcare Design Award for the Advocate Lutheran General Center for Advanced Care, and Healthcare Design Citation of Merit for the Advocate Lutheran General Patient Care Tower.