Randy Edwards

Principal, Dallas Office Practice Leader


Everything is bigger, brighter and more innovative in Texas. That’s the philosophy that drives Randy and his teams as they pursue and shape world-changing projects across Texas. Although he’s worked around the globe on large-scale healthcare, education and retail projects, Randy is deeply committed to practicing design in Texas. 

With nearly 40 years’ experience building teams and driving business results, Randy works with local leaders to grow and develop our practice, mentor staff and build new client relationships across the growing health, education and science industries in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. 

Some Clients and Collaborators

  • Innovative Texas organizations
  • Leading health systems of our time
  • Design change agents


  • Design ideas that forge long-lasting impact
  • Uniting design and business goals
  • Mentoring future business leaders


  • Global traveler
  • Innovation and ingenuity