Stephanie Vito, AIA, ACHA

Mental and Behavioral Health Design Leader

Stephanie Vito


Since the beginning of her career, Stephanie Vito has made it her mission to bring an oft-neglected subset of healthcare and design to the forefront–mental and behavioral health. She possesses a keen understanding of how the delivery of behavioral healthcare and its evolution are best supported by the environments designers create. Her goal on each project is to address the entire continuum of care within mental health, knowing it is key to reducing stigma and bringing resources and care to those who need it most. 

Stephanie’s professional drive is rooted in basic human empathy — seeking to eliminate stigmas that surround behavioral health by pushing society’s preconceptions through design. She is dedicated to the advancement and betterment of behavioral health environments and is a strong advocate for putting mental healthcare centers in urban areas. She is consistently advocating for health systems to be progressive in how they approach mental healthcare and the spaces where care is provided, frequently sharing her expertise at conferences and nationwide publications.  

A few clients and collaborators 

  • University of Kansas Health System 
  • Sheppard Pratt 
  • Prisma Health 
  • University of Colorado Health 
  • Colorado Department of Human Services  
  • County of San Diego  


  • Making mental health facilities accessible and welcoming in urban areas 
  • Infusing mental health design considerations into educational and community spaces 
  • Creating design that complements and enhances the latest in mental health treatment models  


  • Spending time outdoors with husband and two kids 
  • Exploring Buffalo via bike 
  • Teaching and mentoring architecture students