Reuters: Creating zero-carbon buildings for a regenerative built world


October 26, 2022

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Our Director of Sustainability Eric Corey Freed joined Reuters earlier this week to speak about what it will take to create buildings that achieve bold climate solutions and help nourish the natural world.

Sustainability is not cinnamon, you can't just sprinkle it on top. It needs to be baked into every aspect of a project.

The Reuters piece focuses on how buildings generate a great deal of global carbon emissions and that forecasted population growth will increase the demand for such infrastructure in the decades ahead. Aware of this, Eric talks openly about the needs to bring both the embodied carbon inherent in creating buildings and the carbon that stems from building operations to net-zero.

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Eric also speaks with Reuters about how there are opportunities to design more sustainable solutions often embedded in current challenges clients face. He talks about how one health system's issues around snow removal created an opportunity to create geothermal systems that heat the building and melt snow on demand.

Creating a more sustainable built environment is core to our Living-Centered Design approach and our Planet 2100 ambition. We're helping clients seize opportunities around net-zero buildings, the circular economy, rewilding and much more.