Achieving More for Less with Integrated Project Delivery

A look at how IPD supported the successful design and delivery of Bayhealth Hospital’s Sussex Campus. 

Many design and construction projects are managed and delivered in a way that makes outcomes unpredictable. Because of this, owners are demanding inventive methodologies that provide better predictability and optimal results. One delivery method that is gaining traction for complex capital projects is Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). Although every building designed today requires collaboration, IPD harnesses the collective knowledge of a fully integrated team to deliver superior outcomes. In the world of project delivery, it delivers the highest form of collaboration because the owner, architect and constructor are aligned by a single contract that shares risks and rewards, guarantees costs, waives liability between team members and fosters a completely collaborative culture. This whitepaper is a case study of how integrated project delivery was recently employed on Bayhealth Hospital’s Sussex Campus.