Kaiser Permanente, Radiation Oncology Center

A campus landmark with patients at the forefront

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Kaiser Permanente
Anaheim, California, United States
16,000 square feet
Completed 2015

Traditionally, radiation treatment centers are placed below ground to accommodate heavy equipment and to shield radiation. While these care spaces serve a very functional purpose, they are often left barren of natural light and amenities that support the physical and emotional needs of cancer patients. Kaiser Permanente’s state-of-the-art Radiation Oncology Center changes that paradigm by placing its treatment spaces above ground, offering patients access to views of nature that alleviate stress and support a healing journey.

With its sculptural and iconic form, the building is a gateway to the Kaiser Permanente Anaheim Campus. Designed by our Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign, its striking presence and setting serve a vital purpose to cancer patients who must visit frequently during their treatment period. At just 16,000 square feet, it illustrates great impact can be achieved at any scale when human experience is placed at the forefront of the design process. 

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Kraemer Three
The graceful arcs of the exterior glass walls fan out to embrace a landscape of wild grasses and drought-resistant plantings
Kraemer Full Width Exterior
The inner panes of the double glazing are fritted with the image of a forest. Our design team digitized a photograph of trees as a composition of circles and wrote a program to manipulate the image to avoid repetition and vary the intensity of the fritting.

The building’s radial plan allows for continuous views to nature—from patient arrival into treatment and upon exiting the building.

The building’s design is centered on the distinct needs of cancer patients and their demanding treatment schedules, which can occur five days a week for five to eight consecutive weeks. To alleviate the stress and discomfort that comes with treatment, the building harnesses natural light, views to nature and soothing interior finishes to create a calming and nature-oriented experience that feels more like a spa than a diagnostic and treatment center.

Kaiser Radiation Oncology Center
At the heart of the building are the three linear accelerator treatment rooms enclosed within massive, two-foot-thick concrete walls. Each treatment area has a glass wall that opens onto a narrow zen garden and a living wall of lush plantings that create the illusion of a garden. The corners of the treatment rooms are rounded, and the concrete is clad in cherry wood to impart a sense of warmth to the waiting area beyond the reception desk.
Kraemer One
Simple, modern furnishings add a sophisticated spin to Kaiser Permanente's design standards.
Kraemer Bottom Four
The building's simple plan makes wayfinding easy to allay the anxieties of cancer patients and their families.

Sustainably minded design


less potable water is used for landscaping than the baseline.


of all rainwater runoff is captured on site.


of the site area has been restored to native vegetation.


The building achieved LEED Gold Certification.

Through iterative modeling and thoughtful design, energy use for the building was reduced to 28.5% below ASHRAE standards and was further reduced by the presence of a 910-panel PV array on the roof of an adjacent building. With the PV array factored, the project has achieved an energy cost savings of 118.25%, earning the maximum number of LEED points for optimizing energy performance.

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In areas that require privacy or protection from the sun, the fritted pattern on the glass is intensified, while other areas are left clear to open up views.


  • We wanted to demonstrate to the public that we had a unique, state-of-the-art building for cancer patients that was healing, stress-relieving and full of natural light.

    Sunil Shah Vice President, Facilities Strategy, Planning and Design, Kaiser Permanente
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