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Sustainability Services

Sustainability Services

Sustainability Services

CannonDesign’s Vision empowers us to seek answers to difficult challenges. Global climate change, resource security and resilience have sharpened our collective recognition of the true limits of our world. We share these collective challenges with every one of our clients.

Working to make economically, environmentally and socially responsible choices

We offer specialized sustainability services that create enduring value through reducing cost, optimizing energy and water consumption and creating durable, lasting and respected environments. Our long-standing client relationships allow us to redefine the scope from a near-sighted view to one of collaboration and understanding that endures over time.

A Focus on Performance

We identify specific sustainability and performance outcomes. These are targeted, defined, long-term outcomes for the facility guided by key principles.

  • High Performance, Efficient and Cost Effective
  • Occupant and User Health and Wellness
  • Community Engagement and Public Wellbeing
  • Inspiration and Connectivity
  • Resilient and Adaptive