Sustainable Design and Climate Action

There is not a moment, resource
or opportunity to waste.

Our philosophy

We must seize our opportunity to redirect climate change through sustainable design and strategic climate action today, or we may miss it entirely.

Our Sustainability and Climate Action Team recognizes the daunting climate challenges ahead and is grateful and excited to change course and drive transformational change. 

We have every tool we need to rise to this challenge. We can create net-zero and net-positive solutions today. We can create beautiful and efficient buildings and spaces that slash carbon emissions and benefit the experience for inhabitants. We are committed to unleashing these tools to their fullest capability.

We are deeply capable of helping every organization move closer to their sustainability and climate goals. Our proven measures can also improve cost, operations, brand and more.

We have every tool we need. But, we don’t have a moment to lose. Let’s do this.

Our services
Building Performance

Through plans, goal setting, analysis and design, we use our skills to deliver measurable performance data that can be put into action:

  • Energy and Carbon Action Plans
  • Energy, Water and Waste Goalsetting
  • Higher-Performance Building Analysis/Design
  • Daylighting and Glare Analysis/Design
  • Renewable Energy and NetZero Analysis/Design
  • CFD Airflow Modeling and Ventilation Analysis

We put the utmost importance on the well-being of people and the planet — and we offer solutions that benefit both:

  • Sustainability Master Planning
  • Performance/Tenant Standards Development
  • Integrative Design Workshops
  • Third-party Certification Management
  • Post-occupancy Evaluation and Analysis

Our world’s climate is rapidly changing. We can help you prepare for the reality we face today and also what may lie ahead:

  • Hazard Assessment and Resiliency Planning
  • Passive Thermal Sustainability Analysis
  • Existing Building Resiliency Assessment
  • Power Blackout Testing
  • Post-event Assessment and Recovery
Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Cost matters.

Decisions cannot be made in a vacuum.  They require information, data, projections, and estimates.

Budgets are critical to the success of any project, and schools are particularly aligned with their budgets.  That’s why all of the sustainability solutions we present to the client are also presented with the information they need to make an informed decision.

We include a Lifecycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) to evaluate and compare various high-performance systems and strategies, including the HVAC and structural systems.  This way you can make informed decisions around using these high-performance systems.

Eric Corey Freed
RA, LEED Fellow, EcoDistricts AP, LFA
Mike Cavanaugh
Amir Rezaei
Brett E. Farbstein
Jack Mevorah
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Eric Corey Freed
Director of Sustainability