We're CannonDesign

CannonDesign Los Angeles Office

We’re a design practice at the nexus of strategy, experience, architecture, engineering and social impact. We dream up, create and bring to life solutions that enhance human vitality, further equity, strengthen communities and safeguard our planet all at once. We’ve been recognized multiple times by Fast Company as one of the most innovative design firms in the world.

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With nearly 1,300 teammates across 18 offices, we forge deep partnerships with clients across all industries, empowering them to reach greater heights. At the heart of our work lies our ethos, Living-Centered Design — a bold commitment to using our skills to not only enhance the world but to fundamentally reshape it for the better.

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We design for impact at all scales, addressing individual, community, societal and global challenges.

Our community of

Our CannonDesign community includes forward-looking companies committed to creating a better world. These teams amplify our impact across many dimensions — strategy, innovation, facilities management, software and prefabrication to name a few — by delivering exceptional intelligence and creativity.

Blue Cottage of CannonDesign — An industry-leading consultancy focused on defining bold futures and creating the plans, processes, experiences and strategies to get there.

Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign — A laboratory for exploration and experimentation in architecture acclaimed for its intense creativity, radical innovation and hunger for inventing new design methods.

FOS of CannonDesign — A facility management and software consultancy providing physical asset management, building cost data and strategic facility planning solutions.

For clients of all types, we activate our full community to uncover remarkable opportunities for organizations and entire industries to leap forward and transform.