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Do Good, Do Right Maxim

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One of our company maxims is Do Good, Do Right—not just when it’s easy, but always. We're committed to championing a culture where ethics, integrity and compliance are paramount considerations in all our decisions.

Our ethics and compliance program exists to ensure we conduct business in full compliance with relevant laws, regulations and internal policies and procedures. We have a dedicated Office of Ethics and Compliance that oversees this commitment and ensures we put our values into practice every day.

Led by Paul Moskal, this group works in partnership with our leadership and employees to champion ethics and core values. It has a continuing responsibility to develop, implement and oversee an international program that ensures there are processes, procedures and training in place that facilitate our firm's compliance with both the letter and spirit of all applicable laws, regulations, rules and policies. It is a unique value-added service our firm brings to all our work on behalf of our clients at no cost. It serves not only CannonDesign, but our partners and clients too.

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We have 55 integrity champions across the firm who help our employees understand our policies and practices, and navigate through ethical dilemmas.
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Every year, our 1,200+ employees participate in thousands of hours of ethics and compliance training.

Our Codes of Conduct

Our codes of conduct outline the principles and standards we ask all employees and vendors to follow.

Our Ethics Hotline

Our hotline is an anonymous reporting tool that allows employees, partners and the public to report conduct they feel is unethical or improper. All reports are handled confidentially and can be made without fear of retribution.

To reach the confidential hotline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call: