Our people are uniquely creative. The work we do takes different trajectories. The communities we serve cross time zones and cultures. And through it all, incredible mission-driven goals unite all things CannonDesign. 

These calls to action fuel us each day. They inspire a creative drive and a need to shatter siloed thinking. They bring convergent teams to the table time and time again in the pursuit of new levels of ingenuity. 

These are big goals ever-worth chasing. These are our ambitions. 

Equity Now

Inequity is deeply embedded in our society. This needs to be changed on every front. As designers, we must transform the spaces and signals in the built environment that perpetuate inequities. This is our moral responsibility and an incredibly important—and long overdue—opportunity to realize equity now.
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Healthier Humans

Society has all the tools to ensure current and future generations are the healthiest in human history across the continuum of physical, mental, emotional and social well-being. We must seize the moment, and design can play an integral role in ensuring we don’t fall short.
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Planet 2100

We can be paralyzed by the threat climate change poses to our collective future or inspired by the people and ideas rising to meet its challenge. We choose inspiration and are reimagining systems, materials, climate action, the circular economy and more to ensure a regenerative world.
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The Big Rethink

We know the future will be radically different. To thrive, we must work alongside our clients and communities to challenge norms, leave status quo in the past and flip the tables on convention. It’s time to explore ideas from unexpected places and rewrite the rules of what’s possible.
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Chasing Discovery

What's the next breakthrough idea? Where will it come from? What changes will it affect? Nobody can snap their fingers and surface these answers. But we can design to catalyze discovery and to amplify and accelerate idea-sharing and ingenuity. Let’s go there.
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Future Economies

The work, workforce and technology destined to define our future will look dramatically different than they do today. Standing still isn’t an option—we’re actively exploring solutions to empower people, organizations and society to forge confidently into the future.
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