Future Economies

Ready for transformation

The world of work is continually changing. Standing still isn’t an option. There are giant leaps we can all take now to prepare for what’s to come.

How can we be proactive to empower people and workforces? How can we reshape business models to align with technological innovations and consumer expectations? The prospects for transformation are energizing and we’re ready to seize them to drive positive economic change.

As we think about this future, we’re boldly reshaping our own business. We’re investing in expanded capabilities across consulting, software development and modular construction. We’re welcoming new teammates into entirely new roles across tech, data, sustainability and social impact. We’re reimagining how we work and upskill our own employees. We’re constantly reflecting, refining and optimizing in ways that address the needs of our clients and communities to help them thrive.


  • Increasingly we are realizing the interconnectedness of everything. That butterfly effect is now more pronounced than ever. This creates exciting opportunities for strategy to clear through the noise and connect seemingly unrelated worlds.

    Swapna Sathyan
    Swapna Sathyan, MBA Consulting Director
  • For years now, convergence has been a driving social force. In business, on college campuses and beyond, the melding of diverse fields, businesses, cultures and more is reshaping how we live and work. We believe we're still in the early days of this trend and are optimizing our teams and design processes to unleash unparalleled convergent thinking.

    Charles Smith
    Charles Smith, FAIA, LEED AP Education Co-Director
  • One of our biggest asks right now from clients is to help them through an uncertain future. So, how do we design for many futures knowing nobody can predict what's going to happen? And how do we design for flexibility to anticipate evolving future predictions without creating empty boxes that are so watered down that they don't achieve their goals? These are big questions we're thrilled to help our clients answer.

    Brandy Houston Headshot
    Brandy Houston Strategy Consulting Co-Leader

Matters of the future


A 2017 Brookings Institute Report revealed that states are increasing funding for career tech education (CTE) programs by 2-3 times as new job paths emerge.

Kirkland Ranch Academy for Innovation is a progressive example of CTE in action. It's a standalone high school calibrated to Florida's workforce needs.

More than 1,000 students are enrolled in the school, studying disciplines ranging from digital technology and engineering to biomedical science, cyber security, building construction, robotics and more. Much like the high-tech buildings found on university campuses, the school fuels innovation, entrepreneurship and career preparedness.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare occupations are expected to grow by 16% between now and 2030.

We designed D'Youville University's new Health Hub to not only create a pipeline of healthcare workers but actively give back to its community.

All at once, the building improves community access to healthcare services, introduces educational opportunities focused on breaking the cycle of chronic illness, prepares a new workforce to seize in-demand healthcare jobs, and supports a living-wage ecosystem for Buffalo’s West Side residents.

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$8.5 trillion

2022 data from Korn Ferry reveals that a global human talent shortage could result in about $8.5 trillion in unrealized revenues.

Dynamic, mission-driven workplaces that focus on inclusion have measurable impact on recruitment and retention. This is exactly the type of workplace we created for Atlassian.

We helped Atlassian expand its new campus by taking authenticity to heart and ensuring every type of space felt welcoming and exuded inclusivity and acceptance. The space delivers on its goal of encouraging authentic human experiences and is also helping Atlassian continue to recruit and retain top talent to fuel its business.

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Our actions

As we look ahead to different futures, we recognize our business can't stand still. We're actively rethinking what it means to be a design firm and how we can prioritize investments in ourselves to best empower our people, clients, communities and profession.