The Guardian: The growing demand for sustainable workplaces

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January 20, 2022

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Our Director of Sustainability Eric Corey Freed contributes to a new article published in The Guardian about the growing interest in sustainable workplaces and what the future holds for carbon-free architecture. 

CJ Blossom Park

In the article, Eric stresses the importance of future architecture being part of the solution to combat climate change.

“Buildings (can be) awful for the environment,” said Eric to The Guardian. “If we’re going to solve climate change, we have to fix our buildings.”

Eric also shared that employees often enjoy the experience of being in a sustainable building more than a traditional office, even if they don’t know why, in part because sustainable spaces are often filled with light and natural materials. As he put it, “The spaces are just better to be in.”

Later in the piece, Eric argues that to move the needle, architects will continue to push sustainable workplaces as tools for change. “It’s been an exciting time to be in sustainability—to see these pressures mounting, and companies now not only have to take it seriously, but they also want to because they’re seeing these overarching trends.”