Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation

A radical new approach to fueling innovation and economic investment

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Pasco County Schools
Wesley Chapel, Florida, United States
180,000 square feet

Kirkland Ranch Academy of Innovation (KRAI) was designed to be a vessel of impact for students and the local economy. Focusing on Career and Technical Education (CTE), the school offers hands-on, interactive learning that teaches skills more than theory—arming students with the competencies needed to successfully transition from high school to careers, or into college and beyond. Showcasing strategic siting and stunning architecture, the project features various internal and external spaces engineered to foster community, collaboration and safety.

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The new high school is focused on Career and Technical Education (CTE), which is a pedagogical approach that prepares students for high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers.

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What distinguishes KRAI from other high schools is the impact it will have on students and their future career prospects. As a standalone, purpose-built CTE and comprehensive high school, it offers students direct pathways into careers ranging from digital technology and engineering to biomedical science, cyber security, building construction, robotics and more.

With the capacity to serve 1,000 students, the school’s integrated curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities provide students with the skillsets needed to successfully transition from high school to careers, or into college and beyond.


  • These spaces are a playground for innovation. They feature the resources our students need to take what they’re learning and practically apply it. These are malleable spaces, too, capable of evolving and changing as career demands evolve.

    Dr. Kim Moore Assistant Superintendent, Pasco County Schools
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A two-story collaboration hub is filled with flexible furniture to support large gatherings and smaller-scale collaboration between students and external partners.

The thoughtful design of the building maximizes the area’s warm climate and natural winds. Oriented in the east-west direction, which is the primary wind direction throughout the year in the area, the building’s courtyard can be cooled by natural ventilation as much as possible. All of the exterior walkways—there are no internal corridors—shade the glass of the building to keep interior temperatures comfortable. 

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New school, new identity

KRAI is not only a new school building, it's also a concept born from a new idea. This uniqueness allowed our team to deliver an array of original elements, including the school's brand and visual identity. Drawing inspiration from the school's schematic design, curriculum and the surrounding environment of the Florida wetlands, our graphics team designed an original logo, typography, color palette and brand guidelines to create a sense of belonging, openness and unity.

Kra Webvisuals Logo
The school's icon uses a structural grid from the building's footprint and features a "pathway" icon inspired by the vibrant courtyard. This continuous path is the primary visual language also used in supporting elements, such as signage and merchandise.
Kra Webvisuals Guidelines
Comprehensive visual identity guidelines give Kirkland Ranch Academy a flexible framework to develop brand materials.
Kra Webvisuals Color
Colors in the visual identity palette are drawn from the environment, connecting students to their surroundings and honoring the site's legacy.
Kra Webvisuals Tote
Unique icons for each career-tech department were designed using the Connected Pathway shape as a flexible container.
Kra Webvisuals Badges
The pathway shape becomes an individual symbol and grows in complexity as student progress through the curriculum.