Building Design + Construction profiles CannonDesign's efforts to support employee mental health

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June 9, 2023

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Building Design + Construction recently spoke with Charlene Miraglia, our director of human resources, for a deeper look at the methods and approaches our firm is taking to best support our employees' mental health.

Through our Living-Centered Design ethos, we are deeply committed to helping all people flourish - those impacted by our design solutions and all those who work for our company.

In the thorough piece published by BD+C, Charlene shares that "communication is key" and talks openly about how the firm designs its own offices to high wellness standards and trains staff to have conversations around mental health. We also offer a combination of concierge and Telehealth services that help employees navigate health systems challenges and connect with providers from the comforts of their own homes.

Charlene added that our HR teams also consistently assess the performance of our self-insured plans to ensure resources are aligned with employee needs around every dimension of health.

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CannonDesign brings a mental health approach to all of its design solutions including its own offices, creating environments that allow people opportunities for wellness, respite and to flourish.

Beyond the resources mentioned in the BD+C piece, CannonDesign offers a number of programs and services that empower mental health. Here's a deeper but not exhaustive list.

  • Flexible and hybrid work scheduling.
  • Extensive wellness programming around managing stress, group yoga, meditation, avoiding burnout and more through a holistic approach that focuses on mental, physical, emotional and financial wellness.
  • Employee assistance programs that help employees access resources, navigate health and wellness issues and better manage their lives.
  • A robust mentorship program that employees use to connect with teammates and learn new skills.
  • An extensive DEI program and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) for women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ that help foster inclusion and wellness across every corner of the firm.
  • New hire buddy programs to help new employees find their place in the organization.
  • Extensive community engagement opportunities and pro-bono efforts through our Open Hand Studio.