From Surface Parking to Affordable Apartments, Fresh Food and Public Art

201 Ellicott, Buffalo, NY

A truly transformative project built in downtown Buffalo on the Eastern edge of its urban core, 201 Ellicott replaces a former parking lot with dynamic mixed-use affordable housing and a fresh food grocery. Purposely designed as a “mobility hub,” the space encourages people to walk, bike, take public transit, carshare or any other form of eco-friendly transportation.

The trifecta of a mobility hub, fresh food market and affordable housing are each needed assets in the City of Buffalo. The design integrates these resources into the community and should echo positive impacts immediately and for future generations. 201 Ellicott also brings public art to Buffalo’s downtown thanks to a stunning mural painted by Josef Kristofoletti.

“You look at a project like this, and it really feels like we moved the needle in the community and really developed what we would consider to be a legacy project, not just for our company but for the community,” said Ciminelli Real Estate Corporation CEO Paul Ciminelli.

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