Etown's Breakthrough Hub for Campus Rec and Athletics

Elizabethtown College Bowers Center for Sports, Fitness and Well-Being, Elizabethtown, PA

An absolute game-changing project for Elizabethtown College and its students and employees, the Bowers Center for Sports, Fitness and Well-Being is an incredible beacon for student health and wellness on campus.  Prior to its opening, most students had to travel off campus to find recreation and wellness opportunities, therefore the Bowers Center has filled a critical campus need.

The multidimensional Bowers Center is the largest building on campus and expands upon Etown’s proud history and commitment to student wellness. The center equips the college to ensure students flourish on campus and then graduate ready to live healthy, meaningful lives long into the future.

“The Bowers Center is a true campus hub and a place everyone wants to be on campus,” Director of the Bowers Center Whitney Crull says. “It has elevated our health and wellness even more to the forefront of the Etown experience. And, it has recharged our athletics programs with new spaces for training. It’s an amazing facility many of our peer institutions simply don’t have.”

Incredibly, the Bowers Center is able to all at once bolster campus recreation, athletics, student wellness, health education and academics for students. Building off an already strong health education program, the Bowers Center creates exciting new programming opportunities around nutrition, mental health, exercise science and more.