TD Place Stadium

A new paradigm for stadium design

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Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
460,000 square feet / 24,000 seats

Situated within Ottawa’s urban center, Lansdowne Park has been a historically significant sports and entertainment destination since its 1967 inception. In 2009, the City of Ottawa embarked upon a major redevelopment of the 40-acre site, transforming the existing stadium, repurposing the park’s heritage buildings, and adding 460,000 square feet of combined retail and commercial spaces.

In honoring the rich history and strong identity of Lansdowne Park, the redesigned TD Place Stadium drastically departs from the traditional notion of a stadium as an inert building in a sea of parking and instead takes on a position that architecture represents the dynamic intersection of people and built form. The stadium is instead designed to be one with the incredible park it calls home, enabling people to be both in the park and the stadium at once.

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The defining characteristic of the stadium is the Yellow Cedar veil that shrouds it and creates stunning visuals of the stadium for fans, athletes and the public.
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The stadium's integration with the natural surroundings, as opposed to being surrounded by a sea of concrete parking, sets a new precedent for stadium venue design.

One with the park

Wooden frames create the stadium’s roof structure and a dramatic image for the park. The frames are placed in a rhythmic way to create a laminar flow of space the public can actually flow through, into and out of, while enjoying the park. This is coupled with a public concourse section, accessible at all times to people who can, if they choose, ride a bike, walk or jog.

The new south stands are conceived as emerging from the park. This natural connection is perhaps most evident in the stadium’s signature element: the expansive, glue-laminated Alaskan Yellow Cedar canopy, more affectionately referred to as the “veil.” It rises organically from an engineered landscape berm and curves gently over the grandstands to provide shelter and shading for spectators and pedestrians alike. The generous berm that emerges from the lower elevation and south stands helps reduce the total visible height of the stadium, creating a more modest site impact.

All at once, it's a cutting-edge stadium, a form of temporal art and an incredible resource for its city and the residents who call it home.

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Interior spaces are optimized for incredible fan experiences with remarkable site lines to game action and into the park and city beyond.
Lansdowne Park & TD Place
Interior spaces are optimized for incredible fan experiences with remarkable site lines to game action and into the park and city beyond.
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The Rideau Canal is a striking feature of Lansdowne Park and truly shines next to the stadium.

Welcoming the world's best

Permanent home to the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks, NASL’s Ottawa Fury and the Ottawa 67s, TD Place at Lansdowne Park consistently hosts some of the most iconic global events including the 2015 Women's World Cup, 2017 Grey Cup and the 2018 Canadian Soccer Championships, an outdoor NHL game and concerts featuring some of the most famous entertainers of our time.

The stadium is strategically designed to provide 24,000 seats for its regular events and can temporarily expand to 45,000 seats for major national and international events. The venue is equipped with state-of-the-art scoreboards and fan amenities while offering stunning views of the park and nearby Rideau Canal. The revamped stadium has helped recharge the surrounding area, as it now offers numerous restaurants, clubs, shops and attractions.

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At the highest international levels, Lansdowne Park has been celebrated for its novel design and value as a modern stadium venue.
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