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Chicago, IL

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CannonDesign's 60,000 sf, LEED-CI Platinum Chicago office spans a single floor across two buildings along the Chicago River. An open workplace strategy supports design collaboration while integrated information and communications technology allows local teams to collaborate around the globe. At the center of the office, an open café area serves as a gathering place, learning environment and social hub—encouraging employees and guests to congregate in a centralized area. Work studios branch off from this central forum. Designers worked with furniture manufacturers to customize a personal work area solution—radial benching—in which seats radiate from triangular spokes. This solution opens areas within the plan for informal team meetings and improves team visibility while maintaining the same seat count as traditional linear benching.

Technology throughout the office, either with a projector and white board or a flat screen monitor, allows for staff to easily log onto their computers to review work product, while e-beam tools enable electronic mark-ups that can be saved and shared. There are over 20 different workplace settings offered for all to use, encouraging everyone to work in the manner that best suits their style and the task at hand.

The office relocation provided a special opportunity to design the most sustainable renovation possible and perform industry-leading, firm-funded research on the embodied energy of building materials used in the project. With extensive research and benchmarking conducted throughout the design process, CannonDesign achieved LEED-CI Platinum Certification for the space.

The new strategy has increased employee satisfaction by 40 percent and also improved employee concentration (32%), ability to meet face-to-face (31%), ability to hold phone conversations (22%) and individual work in private areas (14%).


  • Best of Year Awards – Honoree, Office/ Designer's Own

    Interior Design Magazine

  • Gold Award in Sustainability

    Society of American Registered Architects

  • Top Ten LEED Project

    Interiors & Sources


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