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Academic Ambulatory
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Cutting-Edge Tech
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The Power of
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A Look at CannonDesign
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CHUM Wins Architizer A+
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Helping Community Colleges
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What We Do

About Us

CannonDesign is an integrated global design firm that unites a dynamic team of strategists, futurists, researchers, architects, engineers, and industry specialists driven by a singular goal—to help solve our clients’ and society’s greatest challenges.

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How We Do It

7 Ways We Bring Value to Our Clients

It’s usually quite easy to identify what an organization does—it’s not always as easy to identify how an organization creates value. We have pressed ourselves to truly identify, define and articulate the core value and benefits we bring to our clients’ worlds. What we discovered through the process is that regardless of industry or discipline, there are seven value drivers we can influence through the power of design.

7 Ways We Bring Value To Our Clients >

Together, we create design solutions to the greatest challenges facing our clients and society.