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Los Angeles County
California, United States

L.A. County is the most populous county in the United States with 9.9 million residents spread across 88 cities. Our relationship with the county stretches back to 1994 when we completed several renovation and repair projects after the Northridge earthquake. Through these projects, we established a relationship founded on trust and ingenuity that blossomed into a continuous partnership spanning 28 years and more than 50 projects. 

What’s remarkable about our collaboration with L.A. County is that it has leveraged nearly all our firm’s capabilities—from architecture and engineering to construction, facility optimization, software development, workplace strategy, modular prefabrication and more. No matter the challenge, we bring our unwavering commitment to innovation to L.A. County, pulling from our vast array of integrated services to deliver transformational solutions that are benefiting all corners of the expansive region.  

Lac Drone Overhead
The Restorative Care Village enables vulnerable individuals to more easily receive the appropriate level of care, and it will reduce morbidity and cost while restoring function and dignity for these individuals.

LAC+USC Restorative
Care Village

The Restorative Care Village represents an innovative new approach to providing medical, mental health and addiction, and housing services for underserved and vulnerable communities—providing the support needed to reintegrate into the community.  

The campus creates a safe and nurturing environment with an abundance of resources for a population who struggles with access to basic needs. It consists of a four-story Recuperative Care Center that provides stable housing for those recently discharged from the hospital, as well as four Residential Treatment Program (RTP) buildings that act as a short-term alternative to hospitalization for mental health and other social service needs.  

Our CannonDesign team provided integrated design-build services on the project, including architecture, interior design, structural engineering and construction.

Restorative Care Village 2
All buildings face a “main street” that includes outdoor landscaping, amenities and environments that support recreation and promote socialization.
Lac Bedroom
The Residential Treatment Program buildings offer a safe, clean, sober and nurturing environment for patients while permanent housing solutions are sought.

Workplace Strategy

In response to COVID-19, our Blue Cottage of CannonDesign team worked with L.A. County to rethink workplace strategies specifically aimed at reducing leased building space. Our team re-envisioned the county’s portfolio of administrative facilities, resulting in a six percent reduction in leased space and a 14 percent reduction due to alternate ways of working. Our work involved assessing individual departmental needs, evaluating leases, and analyzing and optimizing the total portfolio. The effort provided L.A. County with the potential to realize annualized savings of up to $7 million through lease terminations.  

Continuing our strategy work, we partnered with the county’s Chief Executive Office to explore opportunities to streamline parts of the entitlement and approval process for real estate developers looking to build in the Santa Clarita Valley. Our space needs assessment helped determine the feasibility of creating a one-stop destination, housed in the Santa Clarita Valley Civic Center. Our recommendations included a series of operations, technology, space and policy opportunities to be considered by multiple county departments and agencies that would enable an enhanced and efficient process for the development community. 

MLK, Jr. Child and Family Wellbeing Center
The MLK Child and Family Well-Being Center will provide enhanced outpatient clinical services for at-risk pediatric and adolescent patients and their families.

Our workplace strategy provided L.A. County with the potential to realize annualized savings of up to $7 million through lease terminations.

MLK Child and Family Well-Being Center

The MLK Child and Family Well-Being Center will be the newest addition to the Martin Luther King Jr. Medical Campus in Southern Los Angeles. The 55,000-square-foot building will include a pediatric clinic, an autism wellness center and a family justice center—all aimed at addressing the multitude of challenges faced by those engaged in the child welfare system, with a particular focus on the prevention and mitigation of trauma.

Much of the building is modular, consisting of pre-fabricated room modules that were built off site in a warehouse and shipped to the site. Once delivered, we hoisted the modules into place where they were connected structurally, along with other MEP connections. Our CannonDesign team is both the architect and builder for this important project. 

Mlk Child And Family Well Being Center 2
Much of the building is modular, consisting of pre-fabricated room modules that were built off site.
Mlk Child And Family Well Being Center 2
The structural volumetric modular units are stacked vertically, becoming the structure for the building.

Job Order Contracting

L.A. County's Department of Public Works maintains one of the largest job order contracting (JOC) programs in the country. JOC is an indefinite quantity, indefinite delivery procurement method based on fixed unit prices for measurable construction tasks. In late 2018, the county hired our FOS of CannonDesign team to develop a web-based JOC software platform and unit price book. This effort led to the creation of the Simplebid® platform, which is now an industry-leading JOC program management solution. By offering an intuitive and configurable software interface, an efficient unit price database, and support from subject matter experts, FOS helps JOC programs operate with excellence. 


  • Our success with L.A. County isn’t based on projects, but rather a genuine desire to make a difference in our community. The region is home to many in our firm, and we’re personally invested in making it a better, more equitable and sustainable place for all. That’s why this enduring relationship is so important to us. These projects are making a difference.

    Praful Kulkarni Director of Integrated Services, CannonDesign