Important notice to recruiters, placement services and staffing agencies

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At CannonDesign, we have a dynamic internal recruiting team that works hard to bring the best talent to our organization. We may sometimes collaborate with temporary staffing agencies, placement services, and professional recruiters—but only when CannonDesign initiates the collaboration and a fully executed contract is in place.

Any unsolicited resumes sent to us, including those sent to our office mailing address, fax machine, email address, or directly to CannonDesign team members, will be considered CannonDesign property. We will not pay any fees for placement resulting from unsolicited resumes.

Contracts with staffing agencies, placement services and professional recruiters are only valid if they are in writing and signed by an officer within CannonDesign’s recruiting team. No other CannonDesign employees are authorized to enter into such agreements, and we reject any liability under agreements based on negative consent, negotiation with a candidate, performance, or any other means except the signature of an officer within CannonDesign’s recruiting team.

We take these matters seriously and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Contact us with any questions.