Arjun Bhat named a 2023 Healthcare Design Rising Star

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August 16, 2023

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Empowered by broad and deep experience spanning institutional, healthcare, educational and urban design, Arjun consistently leads some of the most complex and sophisticated design projects across the country.

Rising Stars have worked in the healthcare design industry for less than 10 years and have a recent body of work that sets them apart from their peers and on a path to be an industry leader in the coming years. Last year, Jann Gao of Blue Cottage of CannonDesign was named a HCD Rising Star for her role as a strategy analyst, project manager and industrial engineer who focuses on healthcare design and operations.

Arjun's work spans all sectors, and some of his trusted clients include Mount Sinai Medical Center, BJC HealthCare, University of Kansas and the St. Louis Contemporary Art Museum.

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Outside of work, Arjun enjoys tennis, golf and cycling.

Here's a few excerpts from the colleagues who nominated Arjun: 

"Arjun also brings a focus on fundamentals to healthcare design. His number one goal is to make users feel good in a space and like they are welcome there, and to not overwhelm a space with constant new technologies and new processes that aren’t inclusive or helpful."
"Arjun’s compelling background in architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture informs his holistic approach to design. While some healthcare facilities can feel templated and the same no matter where it is, Arjun embraces the landscape surrounding a building, no matter the scale."