Lynn McClouchic joins How I Made It In Marketing podcast

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January 17, 2024

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We are thrilled to share that our Marketing Director, Lynn McClouchic, recently joined the How I Made It In Marketing podcast to talk about her career journey, lessons learned and the keys to successful marketing efforts and teams. The full episode is now available.

In each How I Made It In Marketing episode, host Daniel Burstein of MarketingSherpa dives deep into the careers of marketers to inspire the next great campaigns, surface novel ideas and help other marketing leaders navigate important moments in their careers.

In her episode, Lynn shares important thoughts on how obstacles are opportunities to make things happen, why it's important to step outside of your professional lane sometimes, and the importance of support.

Here are a few key excerpts. The full episode is available via audio and transcript.

Don’t stay in your lane

Lynn doesn’t subscribe to any philosophy that says, ‘my job stops here.’ She learned so much by doing more than her job required. And working early in her career for smaller, boutique firms that required wearing multiple hats. That sensibility never left her — and she is forever grateful. She was on the executive floor often at her very first job because she was willing to do things others wouldn’t.

She learned everything about advertising because she sat with media planners and creative teams, helped in the studio with mock-ups, and worked with their traffic and production team to get materials out. She earned the respect of brokers because she took extra time researching little-known facts about their clients to help them differentiate themselves. Do more. You’ll learn. You’ll get noticed. And you’ll find more avenues for growth — in all kinds of ways.


  • You probably know the quote — '80% of success is showing up.' The other 20% is follow-up. But, if you know how to make things happen, you’ll be 100% successful.

    Lynn McClouchic
    Lynn McClouchic Marketing Director

On the value of getting things done

I am all about ideas, Don't get me wrong. I love ideas all day long and I feel like I can come up with a fair share of them. But I also know that ideas are just that — ideas. Unless you're able to wrestle them to the ground and make them happen. Sometimes getting it done honestly can take just as much creativity as actually coming up with the idea, because you have to figure out what you have to navigate, what resources you need and what challenges are in front of you.

And that, again, is a skill because there are a lot of people that don't really know how to get things done. There's a lot of reward in being able to take something that's big and hairy and exciting, but challenging, and figuring out how to break it all down into and create that path and forge that path and get people on your side to help push and drive it to the end result.