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Academic Centers

Academic Centers

Today’s academic learning spaces must be flexible, often incubator-based environments that meet diverse learner’s needs and respond to rapidly evolving teaching and research methodologies.

Such educational environments often support entrepreneurial activities, respond to cross-disciplinary learning opportunities encouraging innovation and discovery to advance academic initiatives and institutional priorities.

Our discussions with chancellors, presidents, provosts and deans on multiple North American campuses involve topics of strategic investments, outcomes, productivity and evidence-based design decisions.

We are often catalysts in asking questions to advance tangible solutions, and are invited to partner with our academic clients to guide key economic decisions about departments, schools and even entire institutions.

Learning, while still rooted in the classroom, is spilling out to multiple campus places, in large part due to rapid technology and communication advances with information accessible virtually anywhere and anytime. These highly versatile instructional hubs are fueled by learning technologies synced with the multimedia connectivity of the millennial generation.

Our partnerships with leading institutions shape environments that explore the future of education.