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Campus Athletics and Sports Fields

Campus Athletics and Sports Fields

Today’s college and university athletic facilities are evolving and responding to greater awareness of measuring, researching and improving human athletic performance.

These centers are encompassing environments for world-class athletics, human performance research, nutrition and well-being with innovative academic spaces in fusion facilities. Our focused design of indoor and outdoor sports facilities empowers athletes to meet rigorous training and performance needs of competitive athletes as well as specific team requirements. These projects accommodate multiple functions with ease – from intense personal training facilities to large scale spectator events – while reflecting the unique campus and community spirit and character.

With a focus on performance, research, training centers and fields, we bring a competitive edge to an institution’s sports programs.

Our design team is knowledgeable about standards established by NCAA and international sports regulatory agencies, have a full understanding of game operations and management, and know the importance of material selection in utilizing natural and synthetic turf surfaces, hard court surfaces and track design.

We create a new paradigm for human performance.

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