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Pre K-12 Master Planning

education master planning

We offer our clients a community-focused planning process.

Our extensive knowledge of educational environments allows us to work with clients early in the project process, to identify and master plan resources while maximizing the value of every dollar spent. We work with you to generate organizational alignment rooted in your strategic vision. This four-step process leads to transformational results through an achievable, fiscally responsible framework.

Our process puts you at the center in order to:

  • DISCOVER your collective vision for the future.
  • DEVELOP your ideal solutions to align with that vision.
  • DETAIL your plan within physical and fiscal realities.
  • DELIVER your actionable long-range strategy to make your vision a reality.

Services include site selection, zoning analysis, site/campus master planning, ADA, life safety survey conditions assessments, and education optimization assessments. Our approach to planning involves a community-focused design process to involve students, teachers, parents and administration, allowing many voices to be heard.

Facility Conditions Assessments

Why perform a PK-12 facility assessment?
It’s a return on your investment.

We are a national leader in providing facility condition assessments (FCAs) for PK-12 educational institutions. A fundamental building block of any master plan and capital improvement plan is understanding what you have. Our FCAs inform this process by answering four key questions:

  • What do you own?
  • What is the condition of your campuses and facilities?
  • What are the associated needs and liabilities?
  • What is your strategic plan?
Educational Optimization Assessments

Why perform an Educational Optimization Assessment?
To maximize student potential in your learning environments.

Our assessment process hinges on close collaboration with students and educators in creating personalized facility metrics in support of your District’s mission. As a fundamental part of any master plan, this process creates alignment between your facilities and your educational goals. An Educational Optimization Assessment measures:

  • CAPACITY for students and specific program needs
  • BALANCE of formal and informal learning spaces
  • TECHNOLOGY alignment to amplify learning
  • COMFORT and productivity of the learning environment
  • SECURITY and supervision components