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Construction Services

Many design and construction projects are managed and delivered in a way that makes outcomes unpredictable. As a result, owners are demanding alternative methodologies that provide enhanced solutions and predictability.

Risk+Management1CannonDesign has evolved our service offerings to meet these changing owner needs.

Our unique design-led construction capability generates efficient design and construction efforts, while supporting the delivery of innovative, functional, architecturally significant structures. With joint ownership in both the architecture/engineering and construction entities, this service allows us to collaboratively approach projects as a whole with our designers and builders working in partnership throughout the life of a project.

Our single-source of responsibility leads to a project team better aligned with owner expectations.

We are able to breed collaboration, shorten project delivery, obtain best possible competitive pricing, and guarantee cost and schedule — enhancing certainty of outcome. With our design-led construction practice we are demonstrating the opportunity to accept and manage the risk of leading a total integrated project delivery.


How We Got Here

Design-led construction (DLC) is our leading-edge solution for generating efficient and significant facilities that achieve accelerated speed to market, optimal cost and enhanced certainty of outcome, while reducing risks for our clients. That said, DLC is by no means our first experience with single-source and integrated project delivery. CannonDesign has an established track record of success with design-led design build, design-led construction management at risk, and construction management as advisor — each helping inform the next and pushing us to our current suite of delivery solutions.

We are proud of our industry-leading delivery efforts to date and focused on continuing to improve. As we further expand our DLC capabilities, we never stop evaluating our processes and technologies. We learn from each of our efforts to help make the next smarter, faster, more effective, more efficient and ultimately – the most strategic and appropriate delivery solution for our clients.

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