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Building Systems Commissioning

Buildings and systems designed for high-performance often fail to achieve their full potential and can result in wasted money, time and resources. CannonDesign’s Building Systems Commissioning helps organizations avoid this waste by documenting building requirements – owner objectives, intended building use, and system performance goals – and then verifying these requirements are met throughout design, construction, acceptance and occupancy phases.

Cx is a valuable element of any organization’s sustainable strategy as it translates and incorporates sustainable design components into an operational building. Cx helps clients eliminate redundancies, work efficiently and improve their bottom line.

  • New Building Cx begins in the planning phase and continues through construction, acceptance and the warranty period. The owner’s requirements are clearly documented to ensure they are met throughout the project delivery process. The result is an operationally efficient and functional building.
  • Existing Building Retro-Commissioning entails the same Cx principles relative to new buildings but for a structure already in operation. The owner’s requirements are re-evaluated to identify required operational changes. Functional testing determines whether building systems operation has deteriorated over time. Deficiencies are identified for corrective action.
  • CannonDesign is at the forefront of a movement toward Whole Building Commissioning and Envelope Commissioning which takes a look at every building system and its impact on building performance including the building envelope. This is a progressive step away from traditional commissioning that often focuses solely on HVAC and controls systems. Able to address all of these systems, CannonDesign offers clients a single point of contact and a cohesive commissioning team.

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Paul Kondrat

Paul Kondrat, PE

Director of Engineering