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Master Planning

Master Planning

Master Planning Services

As our world becomes more populated, resource-constrained, interconnected and competitive, master planning will continue to play a critical role in preparing our clients for the future.

Our master plans provide a comprehensive look at where an organization is today and what it’s going to take to make its ideal future a reality. Our process is intensely collaborative, involving experts from our clients’ worlds and ours—from planners, designers, and strategists to economists, engineers and community representatives. The creative collisions that result from this process create a ground swell of energy and ideas, and outline a comprehensive framework for sustainable development and growth.

Specifically, we have powerful master planning expertise in three core areas:

  • City Design – Our creative teams help cities around the world re-position or establish themselves to attract talent, resources and investment to grow and prosper in an increasingly competitive global environment.
  • Health Campus Planning – Our unique combination of health designers, planners, doctors, nurses and real estate strategists help best position health organizations to meet the needs of their communities while staying ahead of the dynamic changes and challenges faced by the industry.
  • Education Campus Planning – Well-versed in creating the full scope of educational campuses, we’re able to consider every perspective and deliver thoughtful plans that prepare institutions to meet the needs of today’s students and successfully address future trends in education.