Fostering Advancements in Animal Sciences

Colorado State University, Animal Sciences Building Addition & Renovation, Fort Collins, CO

The Department of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University serves the state’s large and diverse livestock industries. The research and teaching unfolding within the program is focused on improving animal agriculture with an emphasis on addressing societal issues concerning food safety, product quality and value, animal care and management, and environmental impacts of animal agriculture. Housed in a dated facility originally built in the 1950s, we partnered with the department on an extensive renovation of the space.

The goal of the renovation was to greatly improve the overall physical and research environment of this department in order to attract and retain the very best in both qualified students and faculty, in addition to showcasing the important research and work unfolding within the program.

The comprehensive renovation adds state-of-the-art teaching laboratories for anatomy and physiology, smart classrooms, and high-security spaces dedicated to teaching food safety and microbiology. To celebrate the accomplishments of the department, varying layers of transparency/opacity were used to allow the campus community and public to peer in; the art and memorabilia used throughout the building also celebrates the department’s storied history. New window openings, coupled with higher ceilings and more open and collaborative space plans, have transformed the existing dark and claustrophobic building into one that is unquestionably inviting and filled with natural daylight.

We needed a space where we could educate our students for industry careers and professional schools. Now we have a facility that is the envy of our peers, a facility where we can focus on food safety, nutrition, and animal physiology in a way that will position our students to enter the world better prepared to tackle global challenges based on their CSU education.

Craig Beyrouty, Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences