Feeding the world through advanced agricultural science learning and research

Colorado State University, College of Agricultural Sciences, Shepardson Hall Renovation and Addition, Fort Collins, CO

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, agriculture is an essential science that needs strong innovators and entrepreneurs working together to meet the demands of our growing global population.

Since its inception, Colorado State University has always had strong ties to agricultural studies. The College of Agricultural Sciences’ home, Shepardson Hall, required a dynamic expansion and renovation to ensure it can further its mission and empower new generations of students.

When built, the rejuvenated 80,000 sf Shepardson Hall will feature labs and studios on its upper floors, including a dedicated simulation lab, a visualization room and a large conference space in its north addition. The south addition will be centered around a 180-seat-in-the-round auditorium along with a student-focused “mall” that creates “storefronts” to many key programmatic features such as the Student Success Center, the café/coffee shop, a 90-seat classroom, and an “Innovation Gym” — a flexible, collaboration-focused space ready for diverse uses.

Our team performed master planning concepts through site planning and user meetings to inform the project and site design. The planned interior is modular and standardized to allow flexibility and future adaptability for both the college and university.