Modular Design Transforming Medical Office Buildings

Confidential Healthcare Client

CannonDesign is defining modular ambulatory care facility solutions that will be used to support the development of 6,500 exam rooms with imaging, lab and pharmacy services nationwide. This program looks at every component, element and space of a new MOB model and then defines how it will be standardized and created via a supply-chain approach that leverages national partnerships, a “kit of parts,” and design and production guidelines. All projects are delivered in an IPD Lite model, range in size from 25,000 to 125,000 sf and are located throughout the US from Maryland to California.

The goals for this project are bold:

  • Eliminate six to nine months of project delivery timeline from a standard three-year project delivery schedule
  • Reduce design costs due to streamlined deployment and achieve guaranteed $/sf on all projects
  • Drive preconstruction costs down to 2 percent of total construction cost (a 50 percent reduction from current metrics)
  • Define “guard rails” with respect to modular design that establishes elements that are fixed, flexible, contextually customizable, etc.
  • Achieve EUI target of 35 for all MOB project delivered. This would represent up to 50 percent reduction from current state

This effort responds to data that indicated total costs of MOB were increasing 12 percent annually and significantly reduces capital costs into the future.