A branded environment designed to spark creative advancements in life sciences

MilliporeSigma, Life Sciences Center, Burlington, MA

The life sciences industry is booming. And it’s becoming a little crowded, too.

Whereas established life science companies used to singularly drive the progress in the industry, they’re now competing against startups and incubator labs all working distinguish themselves and engage customers in new and innovative ways. To solidify its standing as a preeminent leader in the industry, MilliporeSigma partnered with us to design a new major hub for its North American life science business.

MilliporeSigma is focused on developing a broad range of scientific products aimed at helping scientists make advancements in biotech and pharmaceutical drug therapies. In order to enhance collaboration with its customers and further scientific progress, we designed their highly branded, highly interactive Life Sciences Center. It is home to nearly 1,000 employees and designed to be a global customer destination center, where customers can work alongside the company’s scientists and engineers to solve the toughest problems in life science.

M Lab™ Collaboration Center004919_00_N16_mediumM Lab™ Collaboration Center

At the heart of the space lives the 15,000 sf “M Lab” that facilitates collaboration between scientists and engineers, while also providing a non-GMP environment for hands-on training, customer experiments and troubleshooting. It is equipped with all of the equipment and space scientists need to rebuild scenarios they experience in their own labs—allowing MilliporeSigma scientists to step into their shoes and collaborate on solutions.

Throughout the entire facility, the MilliporeSigma brand is front and center, reflecting the company’s role as a global science and technology leader. The color palette is refreshingly vibrant, and much of the design was inspired by the multifaceted shapes and colors seen when looking at cells under a microscope. The company’s products are also key elements of the design; creative lighting and displays draw attention to the latest product innovations.