Rejuvenating Women & Children’s Care for the Future

St. Joseph’s Health, Women & Children’s Modernization, Paterson, NJ

The renewed St. Joseph’s University Medical Center is an exciting modernization project that helps the health system redefine its program, achieve significant clinical operations best practices, and align itself to achieve key strategic goals and build on its empowering mission for the future.

The scope of the modernization effort includes:

  • A new postpartum unit with all private rooms for patients
  • Neonatal intensive care unit designed for family-focused care
  • Antenatal testing unit designed as a regional destination for prenatal care
  • A rejuvenated and expanded labor and delivery unit
  • Antepartum unit with direct horizontal adjacent to labor and delivery

A multi-phase project, St. Joseph’s has already completed the postpartum unit. The dynamic space features 26 private patient rooms, a nursery, work room, exam room, family lounge, team work stations, multipurpose space and more.