The Library as the Academic Hub

Texas Christian University, Mary Couts Burnett Library Addition and Renovation, Fort Worth, TX

A vital component of TCU’s new Intellectual Commons, the Mary Couts Burnett Library fosters innovation, collaboration and cross-disciplinary connections on the Fort Worth campus.

As one of the original campus structures, the library is now an interdisciplinary, multimedia-rich environment — a dynamic element that modernizes and transforms TCU’s east academic precinct. A two-story reading room creates a campus presence, and the newly created formal entry that recalls the original library structure is a showcase for the campus core. The expansion also enabled restoration of the historic 1924-vintage Gearhart Reading Room to its original glory.

We [CannonDesign and TCU] will collectively design facilities of inspired perfection that will be inhabited by persons of celestial magnificence who will change the essence of humanity for the better. Along the way we may stumble on tiny pebbles of pathetic insignificance. We will prevail and become friends for the long haul.

Nowell Donovan, Academic Provost

The expansion adds 1,700 seats to the library, 30% more USB ports, and 20% more power receptacles for portable electronics.