Connecting the Classroom to Enterprise

University of Missouri – St. Louis, College of Business Administration, St. Louis, MO

The new home for the College of Business Administration at the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL) consolidates multiple business departments now spread over five facilities in one location, providing a home-base for all 2,800 business students and a welcoming place for the region’s business community to gather. UMSL is the only university in the nation with a headquarters for a corporation in the top 25 of the Fortune 500 to be located on campus.

The project recognizes the integration of business and technology and the connection of classroom to enterprise, enhancing the synergy between academic and experiential learning that can prepare students to lead effectively in today’s ever-changing society.

The project includes seminar rooms, group-learning environments, a trading room, faculty offices, advising centers and a professional education space dedicated to outreach to the local business community. In addition to providing architectural design for the project, the firm also provided technology design services for the state-of-the-art telecommunication, security, and audio-visual systems. The new trading room, with its video and LED technologies is a campus showpiece visible to passers-by.

Creating a world-class learning environment for our College of Business Administration students will not only improve their learning experience on campus, it will also strengthen the region as a whole.

Dr. Thomas F. George, UMSL Chancellor