Enhancing Cadet Athletic Development and Performance

US Air Force Academy, Holaday Athletic Center, USAFA, CO

The US Air Force Academy’s new indoor football practice facility – the Holaday Athletic Center – allows its team to train year-round, staying competitive with its peers in the Mountain West Conference and enhancing recruitment. Featuring a full-size artificial turf football field, a viewing mezzanine and support spaces, the Academy’s athletic department can utilize the center for sports practice, education classes, and inter-collegiate and intramural sports all season, specifically during severe weather conditions.

The center has strengthened the Academy’s position as a collegiate power in their conference and their respective sports.

The building is situated within the iconic, mid-century modern campus of the Academy, and sets a new standard for energy efficiency. It uses 100% natural ventilation and does not employ a heating or cooling system, capitalizing on the region’s prevailing winds and low humidity. Custom-designed sun screens and a large overhanging roof on the facility’s western side allows for panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains while also controlling heat gain and glare. The sun screens incorporate perforated metal in a chevron geometry drawn from the design of the Academy’s landmark chapel.

The $18 million facility is the largest privately-funded capital project in the Academy’s history.

A very simple idea executed expertly.

Clarence Mamuyac, Juror, Athletic Business Facilities of Merit Award 2014

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