Revolutionizing a University’s Historic Lab Renovation Process

Yale University, Sterling Chemistry Lab, New Haven , CT

Higher education facilities around the US are facing the challenge of aging labs inside existing buildings — some with historical value and importance to the campus fabric. Yale University’s Sterling Chemistry Lab is undergoing a major transformation while preserving the exterior architecture of the historic building. Additionally, with an increased emphasis on improving STEM teaching at Yale, this renovation will improve the university’s capability to meet the demands of 21st century learning environments.

CAN1457_N23_mediumYale University, Sterling Chemistry LaboratoryYale University, Sterling Chemistry Laboratory

In a bold approach to sustainability and preservation, the design carves out the building interior, inserts state-of-the-art chemistry and biology labs and marries the new STEM environment with the existing building shell. Science is at the forefront of the design and is on display throughout, showing the student body and prospective students Yale’s commitment to STEM education. This renovation will help the university enhance STEM teaching principles through collaborative learning spaces and hands-on approaches to science education. In addition to leading the renovation effort in association with HBRA Architects, we’re providing Yale University a full-service solution, from laboratory programming, planning and design development through construction.

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