Kent Riopelle, Ph.D., MSC, EDAC

Blue Cottage of CannonDesign

Kent Riopelle

Kent focuses his passion for improving healthcare on Lean healthcare planning, hospital functional planning and process improvement to bring about successful outcomes and to delight clients. Witnessing the impact his father—a physician— had on patients, Kent always knew he wanted to immerse himself in the healthcare field and make a difference in how these systems function.

Kent enjoys sinking his teeth into complex puzzles where planning, creativity, thoughtful design and technological innovation intertwine to create healthcare spaces that have a meaningful impact on the communities these systems serve. Highly valued for his interpersonal skills, Kent and his Blue Cottage of CannonDesign colleagues cultivate collaborative client partnerships that bridge the gap between operations and facility planning, and guides clients toward solutions that meet operational goals and optimize clinical workflows.

A few clients and collaborators 

  • SickKids, Hospital for Sick Children
  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Stanford Health Care


  • Emergency department and perioperative services subject matter expert
  • Lean healthcare planning
  • Clinical workflow efficiency
  • Client engagement strategies
  • Simulation modeling


  • International travel/living and studying abroad, which broadens his perspective and appreciation of the world we live in
  • His passion for adventures involving alpine skiing, whitewater paddling, sailing and biking
  • His wonderful daughter, Simone, and beautiful partner-in-crime, Michéle